valerio-de-berardinisVALERIO DE BERARDINIS

Valerio de Berardinis was born in Rome. In 1984 he founded BOX4, a “factory” for photography, movie making, special effects, music and comics that became a creative landmark for the city.   He collaborated with the major advertising agencies producing many well-known and memorable campaigns. His special interest in campaigns with social relevance has led many awards, such as the award of technical advertising "Media Star" over the last twenty years. His work has also been published and awarded by the “Italian Art Directors Club” in his "Annuals".

matteo-mariottiMATTEO MARIOTTI
Executive producer

Matteo Mariotti was born in Rome in 1968. After a degree in Economics and Business and a relative practice as accountant, he understood his real nature as organizer, then followed the cinema way. His productive formation comes from an year in Los Angeles, where he worked into a production company. Come back to Italy, began to work as freelance producer for foreign productions. In 2006 he founded the “MM Productions srl”, where he's a member and the executive producer.

piero-perilliPIERO PERILLI

Piero Perilli was born in Rome in 1976.
Thanks to his father, master craftsman, he started his career as a watchmaker. Getting lost in the tiny world is fascinating.
But the innate talent and passion for drawing and graphic arts led him, with the presence in the expansion of computer, taking an interest in 3D and video postproduction (editing-vfx-compositing).
Abandons the road to watch constantly dedicate to the video, starting to study and working in postproduction as an editor, 2D / 3D animator and vfx.

GIOVANNI BRANCACCIOgiovanni-brancaccio

Giovanni Brancaccio was born on the planet Earth from alien parents. Since he was a kid, he proved an extraordinary gift to observe others’ work without lifting a finger. After his studies, he was determined to succeed in doing nothing and cultivated his passion to buy absolutely useless and expensive objects. His passion brought him to the brink of the last straw. However, a providential heritage combined with an incredible thriftiness allow him to focus on photography, writing, reading and putting together an insane collection of coffee-machines. Giovanni caresses more blissfully cats than dogs. He prefers fried food vs boiled food, snacks vs fruit. He despises his neighbour living in apartment 8 and the Pope. Giovanni loves his fiancée Livia.


Chiara Scategni


Fabio Zazzaretta


Giulia Sportiello

Paolo Pecorelli

Andrea Simonetti
Sound mixer

Giovanni Provenziale
Sound designer

Riccardo Bizziccari
Graphic designer

Carlos Mendoça